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Super Bowl Gluttony

Yesterday’s Super Bowl was a spectacular event. Although it was an incredibly exciting game, I often wonder what is more exciting the actual game or the parties and/or the food that accompanies the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday is the one day (besides Thanksgiving) that most people allow themselves to eat to their hearts content. The problem is that the level of food consumed at your average Super Bowl party could easily put the average person into a diabetic coma. If nothing else, it often takes days to recover from the Super Bowl Gluttony.

The seven layer dip alone can create a sense of exhaustion. Seven strategic layers of ingredients that in perfect combination create a magical sensation of flavor and texture. It could be argued that the first layer is healthy; however, the second layer probably will result in a temporary spike in cholesterol. The third level should probably have most middle-age men reaching for their Lipitor (and there are still four layers to go). But, massive amounts of food, beer and soda are to be expected during this national pass time.

A news report over the weekend stated that over a billion chicken wings are consumed during each Super Bowl. It was almost an unbelievable statistic – until the realization that I personally probably consumed a thousand. The food festival that accompanies the Super Bowl could be considered the eighth wonder of the world – and probably would be my favorite.

Ironically, it is amazing how the athletes are so filled with energy following a grueling 3 hour physically challenging/stressful game while the average man barely has enough energy to lift his own butt off the couch due to the severe level of exhaustion resulting from eating and watching the game. It may take the average athlete only one day to physically recover from playing the Super Bowl, but it takes the average middle-age man a good two days to fully recover from his important role as a calorie consuming spectator of the Super Bowl.

Needless to say, this two-day recovery period becomes somewhat problematic due to the Super Bowl being played on Sunday. The [link2post id=”1878″]productivity[/link2post] level of men on the Monday following the Super Bowl probably drops at least 50%. Super Bowl Sunday may be a national pass-time but is not considered a national holiday.
Columbus Day is an official national federal holiday, but I would be willing to bet that more people observe the Super Bowl than Columbus Day. Who would be willing to trade the Columbus Day holiday for the day after the Super Bowl becoming an official holiday? Oh well…….a man can dream. I guess it is time to go to work. I sure hope I have some leftover seven layer dip to pack in my lunch.

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  • Brian January 12, 2014, 9:46 pm

    I think for most people that the Super Bowl is definitely some type of holiday. I personal look forward to the drinks and food even if my Patriots had nothing to do with it. :) But hey, look at the pats now!


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